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Melanie Delduco, Lauren Kramer Evie Oliver & Courtney Walsh
for being recognized as the D4K Champion Team, having the highest score (out of 50 teams)!
Rachel Staib, Sarah Renz, Megan Kuon also came away in the ribbons AND capturing personal high scores.
Sarah received a 70.16% on her MFS, as well as reaching a PR in her training level test scores, coming 8th in her division. Rachel came in 3rd out of a very competitive & LARGE Pre-Caprilli group! Jordan Osborne came in 3rd place in her division, Evie Oliver & Lauren Kramer placed 2nd & third respectively in their divisions.



The SNF Jr Dressage Team consists of a group of Juniors (21 and younger) who either own or lease a horse.
Each year they prepare for “Junior Young Riders” and Dressage for Kids. Junior Young Riders or “Juniors”, is held at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia and takes place over a 3 day weekend in July. In addition to team dressage tests, awards are given based on stable management, horsemanship, best groomed AND the highly competitive barn/stall decorating. This is where the team selects a theme and goes to town decorating the barn and stalls with that theme in mind (check out the gallery pictures!!!). Juniors is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and a TON of fun! If you like hanging out with your friends and your horse, then THIS is definitely for you!

Dressage for Kids takes place during another extended weekend over the summer. This competition takes place in Saugerties NY. “D4K” as it’s nicknamed is a more competitive as well as educationally based competition. In addition to competing, riders learn dressage theory and are tested not only on their riding ability but also their horsemanship and showmanship skills. For more information on D4K please visit their webpage:d4k


If interested in becoming a part of the dressage team it is recommended that riders attend a year as a groom, so as to get the ‘gist’ of what it’s all about without the added burden of having to care for a horse AND compete.

If interested in becoming a member of the SNF Jr. Dressage Team please talk to your instructor.

Many thanks to the participants in the Lendon Gray clinic.
SNF had a fantastic time hosting Lendon and all the young riders!
A special congratulations to SNF’s own Melanie Delduco, Lauren Kramer & Jordan Osborne for being selected to participate in this prestigious clinic!